The Sculpture Garden : Movimento Bronzi Dorati

tratoria del Borgo Pergola Stefano TicchiThe sculpture group ‘Bronzi Dorati’ was the starting point and focus on the theme of heroes and heroism. Art students of Rietveld Acadamy in Amsterdam used ceramic material and clay plaster with straw to make art sculpures. They have also visited local ceramics companies. Local specialists learned them about their specific knowledge of terracotta in guest lectures. Also they made 18 life sized (figurative) sculptures of unheated clay in the Garden of Museum Bronzi Dorati in Pergola, which will be preserved on the spot, but wil like heroes expire by time to the earth. The above mentioned topic ‘heroism’ has been developed on location, i.e. in relation to the locals of Pergola. It might inspire other artists to add new sculptures.
We hope also that this will inspire children as well as adults to find the creative mind in themself. So the clay tabel can help them with this experience. Occasionally there will be also given a masterclass.
The picture left schows childern with their parents being creative with clay on the clay tabel at the opening of the Sculpture garden at the 12th of April 2014.
Everyone is creative, but not everyone has the space
(Annette Wessels)
Floor Plan Garden
1  My Follower, Anton Sigurdsson
2  Wildeman of Pergola, Emma Walch
3  Hero of Pergola, Gemma Hermans
4  Medusa, Jeanne Magnenat &   
                 Klasina Soepboer
5  Lucifer, Maya Levevre-Radelli
6  Untiteld, Giulia Crispiani
7  Papà, Nadine van Veldhuizen
8  The Gospel of Truth, Denise Aimee Rijnen
9  Macho, Tjalling Mulder
10 Daphne, Nandi Enthoven
11 Venus of Frasassi XL,
     Bastienne Kramer
12 Burning Man, Guido van Ophoven
13 Guard (Motherhood), Annette Wessels
14 Diana, Nandi Enthoven
15 Willing, Hyoseop Kim
16 Between me and Jesus, Thomas Knoper
17 Up=Down Down=Up, Giorgi Tabatadze
18 In Memoriam, Tomas Heller
1  My Follower, Anton Sigurdsson ->
   <-   2 Wildeman, Emma Walch

3 Hero of Pergola Gemma Hermans
For the sculpture in the musei dei bronzi dorati Gemma was inspired by the local hero of Pergola 2014, Enzo Magnani. After WW II he and a few other people practically rebuild the city and brought it prosperity. At Ca'Palazzo where she saw a picture of Enzo in his young years on a Motor and in the city on the announcementss she got to know about 'Enzo' and so the fascination got started. Combined with an earlier idea to build a horse inspired by roman hero's and the bronzi dorati horses, she made a combination of the local hero figured in a heroic scene on a horse which is coming out of the ground like a archeological founding and he has build a company out of the ground.
4  Medusa,
    Jeanne Magnenat
    Klasina Soepboer
5) Lucifer,
     Maya Lefevre-Radelli
'How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!'

Angels, saints have a lot of idol and representation in churches or holly catholics spaces. We often forget to look at many of them. Lucifer, once archangel, is one of those forgotten, mis-a-l'ecart by the church.

Why hero?  because he remind us at all time what makes us human.

6  Untiteld, 
    Giulia Crispiani
7  Papà,
    Nadine van Veldhuizen
8Gospel of Truth The Gospel of Truth,
           Denise Aimee Rijnen
The hand which rises from below the soil symbolises 'gnosis' (knowledge).
Knowledge is nor trapped, nor a given; it is solely hidden and to be found through Self-experience.

The title 'The gospel of truth' is a reference to similarly named Gnostic text found in the Nag Hammadi Codices, the text clarifies that Gnosis is the mythic expression of self experience.

9  Macho, Tjalling Mulder ->
   <- 10 Daphne, Nandi Enthoven
11 Venus of Frasassi XL,
                      Bastienne Kramer
Bastienne: I make sculptures, which I exhibit as independent works or as parts of installations. The installations are spaces that I manipulate by adding sub-sections or what you might call "sub-images”.
Both objects and.. Read more

La Venere paleolitica di Frasassi.Per gentile concessione del Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Regionale per i Beni Culturali e Paesaggistici delle Marche - Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle Marche/Archivio Fotografico Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici delle Marche di Ancona Nel 2007, nella Grotta di Frasassi, nelle Marche, venne ritrovata....... read more
  <- Original
12 Burning Man,    
      Guido van Ophoven
13 Guard (Motherhood),
     Annette Wessels
Research: What is a hero?
              Who is my hero?
              What is the hero in me?

Conclusion: A hero is someone who protect life with love, in this time i think we call it a real leader.
Nelson Mandela inspired me to be a real leader. He said: 'the real leader is someone who send a smart one before the group and he himself will be at the end'.
The hero in me is my motherhood, i give life, love and protect it. 

Annette was co initiator of the idea of the movimento Bronzi Dorati and has her own Studio.
Beeldend kunstenaar en Trainer in creativiteit via beeldende & creatieve technieken ..... Read more
14 Diana, Nandi Enthoven  ->
  <-15 Willing, Hyoseop Kim 
16 Between me and Jesus,
                       Thomas Knoper ->
 <- 17 Up=Down Down=Up,
       Giorgi Tabatadze

18) In Memoriam,
            Thomas Heller

After one week of working on the project I got an very upsetting message that my uncle had had a sudden heart attack and had passed away. Hard as it was to be so far away from my family, still I decided to stay and finish the project. For me Pergola will always be connected to this loss. This unexpected drama was something I had to work with immediately. That is why I made this sculpture in honour of my uncle.
Since he was both a writer and a poet I took one of his poems called 'Verantwoordelijk'
(which means ‘Responsible’) to work with.
The poem is in Dutch as I felt it was important to keep it in its original state.
Also, I believe that translating poetry is a very delicate work and it's not for me to do so.

The sculpture became a bearer for this poem,
the sentences have been carved into the dry adobe.

Dear Erik,
I hope you rest in peace.

Ik voel me zo verantwoordelijk vandaag.
Die duif bijvoorbeeld in de dakgoot
van het huis hier tegenover, kijkt
me telkens vragend aan.

Ik waarschuw hem: nu
moet je gaan, dan kom je niet te laat.
En goddank, inderdaad,
hij slaat zijn vleugels uit.

Als ik er toch niet was.

Maar nu de bomen nog.
Die halen het nooit.
Ca'Palazzo heeft 8 appartementen van 2-6 personen en ligt in een beschermd heuvellandschap in de noordelijke Marche, Pesaro/Urbino. De ligging op ongeveer 420 meter geeft een spectaculair uitzicht over... Lees meer >>>
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