Test Living in Italy
If the Italian Dream has got you, it can be good to step into the real Italian life for some time. Living in Italy is not always the same as being there on holiday. Your investment in a house in Italy will have consequences for other goals in your live. So, it might be good to experience -for some longer time and in low season- the enjoyments of the real Italian life. During this time you can explore the region and find out your real needs. You will see how your future house is placed in the sun in winter and how your private road endures a period of rain. Yes, this is the time to buy in Italy. You will find a lot of 'best deals’, which can be even better when you think twice. So take your time during a longer stay with our concept 'test living in Italy'. You will stay in one of our apartments and we are your hosts and advisers with over 70 years experience. As long as the time for advice takes no more time than an aperitif, there are no extra costs. For all other advices we can make an agreement when necessary.
Wijnand Luttikholt. I speak Dutch (native), English, Deutsch and Italian. I have experience in renovation and project development since 1986 in Holland (mainly Amsterdam) and since 2004 in Italy.
Roeland Leene. I speak Dutch (native), English, Deutsch and Italian. I have experience as contractor and adviser since 1972.
Wijnand Luttikholt.

Ca'Palazzo is located in the most northern province of Le Marche, Pesaro / Urbino. Our Borgo is located in a protected valley amidst the cornfields, sunflower fields and unspoilt nature. The location alt. 420 meters gives a spectacular view over the valley, sunset and the Apennines. Read More >>>
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