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Ca'Palazzo has a professional kitchen and a cozy dining room for more than 30 persons.

Slow Food (mangiare e un atto agricola)

In Italy, the coastal region is known for its fish dishes and the countryside for its  meat. On Ca'Palazzo we do not take this so strict. So, we serve fish and meat. The meat we buy from a number of our selected butchers and farmers in the region who find it important to take responsible care of animals. We are standing for good, pure and honest food. Of course we use the products and wines wich the region is proud of. The Pecorino comes from the neighbour who keeps his sheep organically. And the wine comes from Villa Ligi in Pergola, Terra Cruda and Guirierri. Many producers sell from home their farm products. We give you a little guidance. Who likes this discovery comes at late afternoon home in his own apartment to prepare something special. If it is very hot you have a cooling splash in the pool, a glass of wine, your own culinary discovery and enjoy it.

We can offer you a perfect Slow Food (guided) tour in cooporation with the local Slow Food.


Acqualagna is a village where people enjoy the peace and beautiful surroundings. Special is that with the 4.400 population it has more than 25 restaurants. This because of that Acqualagna is known as one of the truffle capitals of Italy. Throughout the year you can enjoy the different types of seasonal truffle. In almost every restaurant you can order dishes where this wonderful product is being processed.

Cooking with truffles

The taste and aroma of the truffle is at best when it is drawn in oil or butter.
Let butter get soft at 30 degrees and mix it with the grated truffle. After this, it is to be processed by adding to the recipe at the verry last. Don't cook it for a long time. Your kitchen will be a truffle heaven but not the food. You can keep this truffle butter for many weeks in a freezer.
The only real truffle oil or butter is that you create yourself. Everything else on the market is artificially with large differences in quality. But in Acqualanga and Pergola on the truffle markets you will find the better qualitys. Compare to GB you will find in our region the best, fresh and low priced truffle. 


Dutch Top Chef

Ben Van Beurten: In the first weekend of November, I visited the region around Ca'Palazzo in the Marche. Of course, we visited the annual "Fiera Nazionale di Tartufo Bianco" in Acqualagna. I was allowed to sniff the largest truffles, but also the beautiful environment for cyclists. The mountains, hills and valleys, above all the Regional Italian cuisine (cucina tipica), wine & Slow Food producers .. Nice biking, Best cooking and good food and drinks. I would say: "Experience it yourself!"

Wine tasting le Marche ItalyCulinary groups

We can organize food tours along wine and food producers. The professional kitchen, the wood oven outside or the BBQ places are perfect for a cooking courses. We like to work together and are open for your suggestions.

The last weekend of May the wine houses in Le Marche organize Cantine Aperte. You pay €5,- for a glasss which is available in every Cantina and you can taste in all of the Cantine which participate the event. When you leave in several groups you come back with a variety of wines to be tasted at Ca'Palazzo together. Of course a good idea not only for that special weekend.

In the hills of Monte Martello you not only find the beatyfull nature and Mountains bike scenery but also the biological wild boar and pig farm of Sergio and the cozyzy farm restaurant Agri Campagna.

You will be informed of more of those almost secret locations of good but hidden adresses.

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