Ca'Palazzo is located in the most northern province of Le Marche, Pesaro / Urbino. Our Borgo is located in a protected valley amidst the cornfields, sunflower fields and unspoilt nature. The location alt. 420 meters gives a spectacular view over the valley, sunset and the Apennines. Read More >>>
Tips 2018
Bike rental available
Truffle Festival

Bike rental €50,- / week
Quietness, space & nature

Time to read a book, delicious Italian food, enjoy a glass of wine while the sun sets behind the Apennines. The silence that only is interrupted by the sound of the crickets, the birds and the rustle of the corn and wind.

Group accommodation

Ca'Palazzo offers apartments for up to 28 people. Are you looking for an inspiring environment for your workshop, wedding, reunion or party organization? We can completely customize it for you!

Culinary Le Marche

In Le Marche slow food has always been a way of life. The welfare of animals, the environment, and our own health, that counts. Jun-Aug Summertruffle and Okt Nov (whithe Truffle) party in Pergola and Acqualagna

Cultural Le Marche

Visit Renaissance city Urbino, medieval Assisi, Gubbio, Perugia or Fano. Or the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro. Or the nearby fortified towns of Frontone and Cagli (palio dell'Oca 11/12 August).

Active Le March

For those who seek an active holiday, there are many possibilities. Walking, tennis, cycling see video, golf to paragliding. There are many tours en hikes in the surouding of Ca'Palazzo. Bike info